nitipak samsen / Designer

vector memory

Personal music device users are so isolated, some maybe happy with their songs but some maybe not. I’m interested in how to keep and pass this happiness from one to another and another…

“Vector Memory” is a feature for a headphone that can temporarily remember 1 songs at a time and can pass on this song to the others.

Just plug into any source, radio, ipod, computer, or even cd sample player in HMV.

If you like the song that you are listening and want to remember, press ‘remember’ on any position of that song by hold pressing both button at your headphone.

once any song has been remembered, you can switch between line-in and the song in memory.

But be careful this is temporary song, the headphone will forget this song if you won’t keep listening to it.

The more you listen, the longer it stays. Like human memory.

Then pass on to other vector Memory via extra line-out or Bluetooth connection.

… If you really like the song that someone pass to you, BUY it, please…

how come: vector memory

vector memory from nitipak samsen on Vimeo.