nitipak samsen / Designer


This is a pro bono project that I did with Kanittha Mairaing.

PiF stands for “pay it forward”. The concept is to buy 2 t-shirts at once, one for yourself and another one for the orphan girl. We want to give a new t-shirt to the orphan girl at Baan Rajavithi, a place for orphan girl.

pay it forward from kanittha mairaing on Vimeo.

We started by designing a pair of t-shirts, each t-shirt has their own pair. Only one pair in the world! Firstly, we gave one to the girl and asked them to draw a “thank you card” for the buyer who bought this t-shirt for them. This “thank you card” has became a tag for t-shirt in a sell package which included 1 t-shirt, 1 thank you card and another one postcard. This postcard the buyer can write something to orphan girl, after that they can send it to Baan Rajavithi, to the girl that they’ve bought a t-shirt for. Every pair of t-shirt has sold out in one day.

For us this is a very success project, not for money, but happiness. PiF connected us to the orphan girl. Pif connect the buyer to the orphan girl.

“PiF connecting people”