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“Laughter is the best medicine", specific medical theories attribute improved health, increased life expectancy, and overall improved well-being, to laughter.

Biomedical engineering has developed to the level that all the NHS’s chronic patients don’t need to go to hospital to check their health condition. They can stay home with their personal health measure machine. Live their life with loneliness and all the numbers from the cold machine. Is it the quality of life that they want?

The electric brain stimulator for laughter (EBSL) is a new technology that uses a very small electric current to stimulate specific part of brain to encourage laughter. Suitable for everyone, especially elderly, who want to be lively and healthy.

We extend our lifespan by combining our self more and more with machine, less and less to the human. What if something very uniquely to human such as laughter is not natural anymore?
Longevity vs. happiness? Symbiosis of human and machine? Virtual or reality? What is its consequences?

ecstasy from nitipak samsen on Vimeo.

Story telling by the old lady in the house and the use of 4 objects.

1. EBSL kit (head band & controller): The headband connected to the controller which has 4 buttons, first button under thumb for triggering. 2 dials for volume and length of stimulation. The emergency button at the middle finger for emergency stop.

2. LaughtoCounter & prescription: Laughter counter will count down how many laughter you have to do more today referring to the prescription from the doctor.

3. LaughtoPartner: 60% of everyday laughter due to social expression and responses not humor. This device provides artificial social environment. It will laugh response to your laughter.

4. The etiquette book of laughter: because of the side effects of EBSL, people lost some of their self-initiate laughter, some couldn’t laugh properly. This “how-to” book will teach how to laugh properly and effectively.

the scienario  

prescription laughter  

the consequences  

EBSL headset  

EBSL controller  



The etiquette book of laughter