nitipak samsen / Designer


Carbon credit brings the ‘convenience’ back to the ‘inconvenient truth’. Global warming has been driven by capitalism, now we are trying to solve global warming through capitalism. Is this possible? Should we save the planet for the planet’s sake or for money?

From an ecological perspective, CO2 is a byproduct of the living, either directly or indirectly. From the economic perspective, CO2 may become the world's largest commodity market. What do we consider the price of our own byproducts?

This project aims to criticise the carbon trading system as well as raise awareness of how good we are at destroying the planet.

One problem is how to show the intangible amount of CO2. BreathSink is one simple way of visualization carbon footprint. BreathSink is dry timber which has same CO2 as 1 day of breathing. However, in term of design, what is the function of this BreathSink?

I need a plausible system to support my project as well as criticize the carbon trading. A.T.R.E.E.M. (Automated Tree-Rental for Emission Encaging Machine) is a renting meter for the tree to offset clients footprints. This tree has been growth by carbon trading company in nursery then bring it to urban space to become new carbon sink for the customers. The developed design of A.T.R.E.E.M. is a signpost-like object attached to the tree with a tape measuring the girth of the tree in order to calculate the growth and CO2 absorbed in the tree. In the process of developing the measuring tape, I designed a tree measuring tape for children. This tape translates how much CO2 absorbed in the tree into the amount of activities rather than grams of CO2, e.g. 1 hour on a flight or 2 days of breathing.

The user interface of A.T.R.E.E.M. shows the intangible CO2 in term of gram and how long does the tree take to offset that amount. i.e. 10 minutes on tube journey emits about 350 grams of CO2 and the tree takes 2 days 10 hours to offset that amount. This way the user can imagine how good they are at leaving waste to the planet. Could this system make we think more about capitalism and the planet?



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Tree measuring tape for children 

Poplar's life time CO2 balance