nitipak samsen / Designer


Commissioned by Bangkok Art and Culture Center.

The system composes of 30 low quality metronomes which ironically can not even keep their own rhythm. These metronomes have been modified and added with “brain” to think, an “ear” to listen to their peers and also the ability to adjust their own speed.

With the hope that they eventually “synchronise”, each and every metronomes was given task to keep the exact 1.5 second per beat frequency. Also each and every metronomes was given task to try to be exactly in the same rhythm as the ones next to them.

The audiences are integral part of this metronomes + audiences adaptive system. They are welcome to interrupt the metronome’s needle. Hence creating the trend spreading patterns that are created by the self adjusting behavior of each and every metronomes

metroNorm 0.1 from nitipak samsen on Vimeo.

Special thanks to Austin Houldsworth, Pitchaya Nithipattrarat, Kanitta Meechubot, Usman Haque, Ling QL and Kanittha Mairaing

The project started as a much bigger version of One Seventh but using 30 metronomes instead of 7 clocks. The project went horribly wrong when I found out that these cheap metronomes ironically can’t even keep their own rhythm!!

Apart from the fact that these metronomes ruined the original idea, I found they are painfully interesting. Since then the project turned upside down, from intentionally creating pattern to making all these cheap metronomes “synchronise”. Then pattern will be the consequences of the behavior of the metronomes