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how come: vector memory

This project came from the second brief "radio project". This project is the first time for me to study electronics, special thanks to Tom and David for the wonderful workshop and advise.

One morning in October, I walked from my flat to tube station. On the way I passed one primary school. I heard one kid sang one part of" I believe I can fly"(a song from R Kelly). About 10 seconds later the lady walking in front of me started singing the same song. This is a wonderful experience. I imagine how far this song can go through people? How long this song are going to stay in people's memory? How can this experience return to the iPod society in London?

This is the starting point for me for this project.

During this project I started an experiment about sharing music in the tube. By using a 'Sharing earphone' which is a normal earphone with extra line-out for another audience. With this earphone people can share music continually. Unfortunately this experiment has failed !!

share music on tube 1 from nitipak samsen on Vimeo.

Because of several reasons that made the first experiment fail. I've made a new version of my 'Sharing earphone' With this one I provide another earphone and the magic word "please". Eventually It success. (except for my ipod which is dead during the field test).

share music on tube 2 from nitipak samsen on Vimeo.