nitipak samsen / Designer


From my questionnaire 35% of art&design students felt guilty after buying something you shouldn’t buy? and they find a good reason to buy it to make themselves feel better.

Half/Half is a money adviser gadget that will tell you only what you want to hear, materialism or anti- materialism, depends on which side you listen to half/half. Like angel or devil whisper to you through your right or left ear.

Half/Half embed with barcode reader and connected via internet to your money adviser. Your money adviser has your databases of your bank account and your buying history. Your money adviser will giver you some advises in 2 aspects. The first one comes from materialism database which include celebrities journalist, fashion stylist, tech geeks, trend consultant, gourmet and etc. The second aspect comes from anti-materialism database which include environment issue, health concern, family concern, credit report and etc.

After scanning what you are going to buy, Half/Half will give advices such as

Perfect match with a pair of black jean and red wool hat that you just bought last week.

The superposition of these intimate shades create a dreamy winter mood where colors mute with the impact of light

Sofia Coppola also has the same boots as these.


Last week you just bought black jeans and a red wool hat for 200 quid.

For this £49You can buy over 200 meals for starving African children.

Happiness actually is all around, you can be happy without buying new stuff every week.

However Half/Half represents yourself as well. It will change its eyes in to the side that you often listen to. The more you listen to devil, the more your half/half will look like devil.

Which side do you prefer? Devil or angel? It is your choice.

how come: half/half

halfhalf from nitipak samsen on Vimeo.