nitipak samsen / Designer


In near future, medical science will be greatly developed. Mankind ‘s life span will become longer than ever before. Earth’s population will be dramaticaly increased as well as earth’s temperature. The iceberg at north pole starting to melt down. And finally, mankind has realized that AREA is the most valuable things.

The idea is to solve a limited urban space problems by separating users into 2 groups that have the same daily routine but with an overlaps of time usage by 12 hours within the same space. They use the same working table, toilet or even bed but in a different time.

The linkage space become more important. The street will be used all day on both sides. Public park will be use as a living room but however it is not. Restuarant or cineplex size can be reduced but can still be open 24 hrs a day. Public property will become more important to everyone because it belongs to everyone.

normal time & space diagram 

new time & space diagram